Father’s Day Fashion Rules For Dad

Levi Strauss & Co.
June 9, 2015

Dads are known for being a lot of things: protective, encouraging, and proud, to name just a few. Taye Diggs is adding “stylish” to the list with his new Dockers® #DadJam video that celebrates all the dads who make fatherhood look good.

But let’s get real for a minute: Pulling together fashionable, comfortable looks on the regular comes more naturally for some dads than others.

So, in honor of the upcoming Father’s Day holiday, Dockers is breaking it down for dad. He doesn’t always like to ask for directions, but following a few simple rules will transform dad’s duds from cliché to chic.

  1. Find A Signature Style

The style dad gravitates towards results from a variety of different factors — from upbringing to interests to cultural influences. Is he drawn to the classics or does he chase the trends? Does he seek out sporty styles or prefer a more refined look? There’s always room to switch it up, but defining a fashion viewpoint is the first step in building a wardrobe that works.

  1. Shop To Match Lifestyle And Occasion

Dad’s fashion choices might relate very specifically to the activities he takes on every day — whether that’s presenting at a big meeting or taking the kids on an unforgettable weekend adventure. And just because he’s a dad that requires function doesn’t mean he has to sacrifice fashion. Case in point: The Dockers On-The-Go collection.

  1. Invest In Classics

No matter what your style is, building a foundation of essential pieces that can be mixed and matched day in and day out is key to forming a solid wardrobe. Think blazer, basic crewneck, button down — and of course, khakis. Less is more when everything works together.

  1. Fit Is Key

Finding the right fit is paramount to feeling comfortable in his preferred garments. This is where tent-like dad pants truly get low marks. That’s not to say he needs to adopt a skinny tapered leg to look stylish — relaxed options can be equally flattering.

  1. Brighten Up

Speaking of color, even if matching’s not his thing, the Dockers “Summer Must-Haves” give him all he needs to introduce some invigorating, vibrant hues into his closet. From sunny yellows to decidedly masculine lilacs, a bright pop is a great way to offset neutrals and freshen up any look.

  1. Pay Attention to Details

Dads know that sometimes the little things matter most. While a colorful tie or pocket square can give his ensemble an unexpected twist, everyday accessories — we’re talking belts, shoes, and briefcases cut from supple leathers and timeless materials — are the basics that complement any outfit and tell the world he means business.

  1. Keep It Clean

Dockers’ wicking, no-iron fabrics will help him stay wrinkle and stain-free — an integral part of looking pulled together. If you’ve taken our LCA Quiz you know that there are significant environmental advantages to washing less, so when stains and wrinkles do show up, rather than doing laundry (or going to the dry-cleaner), consider spot cleaning with a damp cloth and ironing only if necessary.

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