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New Dockers® Campaign Wants to Change the World One Chino at a Time

Levi Strauss & Co.
September 24, 2019

To change the world, you don’t need a suit.

That’s the bold message behind Dockers® latest campaign for Europe. Launched in September, #YouDontNeedASuit encourages the consumer to be his best self in the brand’s Smart Series™, including the Smart 360 Flex™ Chino and Smart 360 Flex™ Button Up Shirt. Equipped with four-way stretch technology for maximum comfort, the outfit is made for entrepreneurs, activists and adventurers alike – really, anyone ready to disrupt the status quo.

“This is a fresh and modern take on our origins,” said Brand Marketing Director of Dockers® Europe Joan Calabia. “The Dockers® brand purpose is to give him confidence to be his best self, and to do that you don’t need uniforms. We already did it through the Casual Friday movement back in the ‘90s and finally, we bring back a tone of disruption and humor that has always been part of Dockers® communication history.”

The ad spot, shot in Bulgaria, brings the conflict between traditional and modern to life. As a young entrepreneur gets ready in the morning, he literally wrestles with a suit (no CGI magic here; just unseen puppeteers) and even takes a few hits before managing to fling the stuffy ensemble out the window.

“Dockers® Smart 360 Flex enables you to have that physical and emotional confidence to take on any challenge by being comfortable in your own skin,” Joan said. “Our message is that today, for the millennial generation the world is full of opportunities if you have that ‘entrepreneurial’ mindset, while the suit represents the establishment.”

Since creating the khaki category in 1986, the Dockers® brand has been redefining the workplace dress code. The #YouDontNeedASuit campaign, like the “Ready for It” campaign also released last month, builds off the brand’s “Always on” platform and inspires guys to go after their goals – dressed as themselves.

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