Dockers® Gets the Funny or Die Treatment for “Always On”

Levi Strauss & Co.
June 6, 2018

Are you Dockers® ready?

The “Always On” campaign was brought to life with a little help from Funny or Die and actor/comedian Randall Park.

Park plays a dapper figment of one guy’s imagination, a “professor of preparedness” urging him to stay ready for anything. It syncs with the brand’s recent “How To” ad spots designed to encourage guys to seize any opportunity.

The brand is on a reinvention roll through “Always On,” which included a return to its original logo this year – a nautical nod to its roots dating back to 1986 when it quickly established its place in menswear. We grabbed Karen Riley Grant, VP of Global Marketing for Challenger Brands, for a quick Q&A on the Funny or Die partnership.

Q. How did this partnership come about with Funny or Die?

Karen: With humor being part of our brand value proposition, Funny or Die immediately stood out as a media  partner with the comedic sensibility, talent network, and reach. The idea of working with them to produce a comedic twist on our ‘How To’ spots was really appealing and we were excited to explore this creative territory.

Q: Why Funny or Die/Randall Park for Dockers? Why did the brand go this route?

Karen: Both on and off the screen, Randall has made a career of his wit, energy, and charisma. He’s the kind of guy that embodies the spirit and values of our brand. Through a lighter, more comedic lens, Randall acts as a spiritual guide for our everyday hero, inspiring him to be “Always On.” This series is about navigating unexpected challenges and rising to the occasion, and Randall was a great fit for the role. Not to mention he looked great in the product!

Q: How does this campaign weave into Dockers® broader strategy for its “Always On” campaign?

Karen:  Now into our third season of the “Always On” campaign, we’re looking for new ways to dimensionalize the platform and engage with our consumers in new and unexpected ways.  The concept with Funny or Die emerged as an extension of the ‘How To’ series.  With this piece of content, we were able to dive deeper into tricky situations, and showcase our guy confidently problem solving along the way, while looking great in our product from start to finish.

Showing him in his work environment was of particular importance. While we’re associated with work, the workplace has changed significantly and we have the opportunity to show a more contemporary perspective of work today.