A Vintage Homecoming: Introducing Levi’s® Authorized Vintage

Levi Strauss & Co.
November 10, 2017

The most exceptional collection of authentic vintage Levi’s® is now an official clothing line.

The Levi’s® brand is excited to announce the acquisition of a mass amount of archive-quality denim, including jeans and Trucker jackets, plus hundreds of artistically unique and personalized pieces. Stored with superb care over the course of two decades by a single owner, these pieces amount to one of the largest vintage stocks in existence. We proudly introduce the Levi’s® Authorized Vintage line.

If there’s one category of denim that sustains relevancy year after year, it’s vintage. Like a time capsule from another era, the Levi’s® Authorized Vintage stock reveals the evolution of the Levi’s® brand, and the powerful ways in which the people who wear it have made it their own. And Levi’s® Authorized Vintage preserves the integrity of those original styles, giving our fans the most authentic, everlasting vintage on the market – made by Levi’s® from start to finish.

While each Authorized Vintage item exists as an important point in our heritage history, we never intended to keep the collection to ourselves.  As Levi’s® President James “JC” Curleigh explains, “This is the final proof point in our authentic denim leadership and our commitment to those fans seeking real vintage product from Levi’s®.”

The launch of the collection coincides with the opening of the newly remodeled New York City SoHo Flagship Levi’s® location. Authorized Vintage pieces will be available for custom tailoring at this location and other exclusive Tailor Shops around the world, where they will be in the best hands. “The tailors in our Tailor Shops are denim experts,” JC said. “They’re the most qualified people on the planet to properly customize these pairs of vintage, not just because they’re master sewers, but because they know what not to touch to keep the quality and integrity of each pair intact.”

Authorized Vintage means more to Levi’s® than a just fashion-forward collective addition.  The upcycling of these pre-worn pieces exemplifies conscious consumption and our commitment to long-term and sustainable manufacturing practices. Plus, as JC points out, denim is one of the few fabrics that actually gets better with age.

“We want to encourage our customers to think about the sustainable nature of vintage,” he said, “and feel good about buying it from us, the original – we know our products last for generations.”

To the Levi’s® Authorized Vintage finds, we say welcome home.  And to everyone else, we can’t wait to share.