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Mexico City Welcomes Levi’s® Haus of Strauss

Ashley Carlson, Unzipped Staff
Levi Strauss & Co.
June 15, 2022

The first Haus of Strauss opened its doors nearly two decades ago in Los Angeles as an exclusive haven for those in the music, entertainment and design communities to experience the best expression of the Levi’s® brand. For many in the music and entertainment industries, the Haus of Strauss serves as the gateway to long-standing relationships, partnerships and campaigns with Levi’s®.

Today, the Haus of Strauss network has grown to include four more locations around the world: Tokyo, Johannesburg, London and now, Mexico City.

The fifth Haus of Strauss opened its doors last month in Colonia Juárez, an emerging neighborhood in Mexico City that is beloved by Gen Z and is in the heart of the action with a booming design, art, music, gastronomy and architecture community.

“As a local, I immediately knew the neighborhood and type of property we needed to find. The list was long, but we found the best house, the perfect space and the ideal canvas to bring to life such an iconic project,” said Adriana Flores, director of Brand Experience for Latin America. “The interior design and overall guest experiences bring together the architectural history of the space — which connects to the heritage of the Madero Flagship store — with the current design trends in Mexico, reflected in a dedicated curation of Mexican furniture, décor and landscaping and, most importantly, a reflection of Levi’s®. We could not be happier to be at the center of culture in Colonia Juárez.”

Haus Inside

The building itself dates to the Porfiriato era (when Porfiriato Díaz was president of Mexico, between 1876-1880 and 1884-1911) and reflects the stunning architecture of Mexico, both past and present. The team bringing the Haus to life made sure that it kept the architectural and cultural integrity of Mexico while infusing the spirit and DNA of the Levi’s® brand.

Once the property was selected, the four-story space (including a rooftop) was renovated to infuse the brand’s unique style into each space in the home. The team used traditional Mexican architectural techniques, including naturally dyed plasters, to highlight the best of Mexico with a slightly modern take. For example, the design team event spent hours finding a perfect blue to paint the house that was associated not just with denim but also Mexico. This blue is complemented with a neutral palette to give light and warmth to the rooms so the product can be the main focus.

The team also prioritized ensuring that every piece of furniture was made within the country, and they used local artisans to decorate the space. More than 30 emerging Mexican furniture, textile, décor and art designers were selected through Adriana’s creative direction.

Haus Inside

Above all, the goal of the house is to create an emotional experience that demonstrates denim leadership, style authority and the power of the Levi’s® brand.

“No Haus of Strauss is the same,” said Curtis Hanlon, senior director, Latin America marketing. “From the onset, we knew we wanted this to be a uniquely Mexican space that celebrated the culture and brought Levi’s® history and values to life. We could not be happier with the final outcome.”

The moment a person enters the building they are greeted with a completely curated experience, from the scent of the candles burning to the beverages that are offered to them. From the entrance, people step into the entry room, which is inspired by music and our heritage. Guests are invited to relax, enjoy a drink, flip through books and pick out a record to play all before they start their fitting and styling session. Guests then receive a tour and history of the brand before stepping into a showroom. There are different showrooms for our seasonal collections, special editions and vintage products.

Product is the main focus of the Haus. The on-site team are experts in fit, fabric and storytelling to make sure the right product is styled on the right person. Each fitting room was designed to be cozy and intimate. The Tailor Shop takes center stage and brings together local artists and designers with our Master Tailor.

“The Haus of Strauss is the most curated and high-touch experience a person can have with our brand,” said Rui Araujo da Silva, SVP and managing director of Latin America. “We are so excited to bring the best expression of Levi’s® to LATAM and drive real business results through the Haus of Strauss. The sky is the limit for LATAM.”