Styled by Levi’s® – A New Pinterest Partnership

Levi Strauss & Co.
December 14, 2018

Pinterest is a place where the fashion-forward go to gather inspiration – a perfect platform for Levi’s® to reach consumers with the products and trends that match their personal style.

Enter Styled by Levi’s®, a new partnership between the Levi’s® brand and Pinterest. The tool offers a first-in-market, personalized styling experience for our consumers, based on a visual questionnaire and style insights from their individual Pinterest activity.

The result? A Pinterest board that might suggest a pair of jeans tailored to your tastes, an editorial image to spark ideas for how to wear them, or a link to the customization page on so you can make them your very own.

“Consumers have endless choices and access to products. At a certain point, that gets almost too big, so you need something more curated; you need someone who will be your virtual stylist and come back with what works for you,” Brady Stewart, senior vice president for the Levi Strauss Americas digital team, told Glossy magazine for a recent piece on the Styled by Levi’s® project. “This is bringing back the concept of discoverability. Before the internet, you’d go to your favorite boutique and someone pulled the best items for you.”

Pinterest is a leading social platform in digital personalization and visual search, and was therefore a natural partner to create such an experience for our consumers. Upon entering the experience, Pinterest users are prompted to select their preferred shopping section and five images that best resonate with their style. Then, the consumer is served a curated and highly personalized Levi’s® Pinterest board. The board then lives on the user’s profile and includes Pins that highlight key products and customization options linked back to Since the start of the partnership in early October, thousands of Styled by Levi’s® boards have been generated.

“We definitely believe that consumers are looking for one-on-one, authentic relationships with brands,” Brady told Glossy. “Brands that are able to deliver those types of relationships will be more successful in the long run.”