Inside the Eureka Innovation Lab Experience: Cut + Sew

Levi Strauss & Co.
March 21, 2017

Just a few blocks from Levi’s® San Francisco Headquarters lives the Eureka Innovation Lab, an in-house creative space dedicated to design, research and creative development, and creating advanced denim prototypes.

Tucked inside this designer’s wonderland is the Cut + Sew Room where the Eureka team begins the process of crafting perfect denim pieces. It’s in this space where Jonathan Cheung, Levi’s® head of design, practices what he preaches.

Levi’s® has long encouraged fans of the brand to customize denim, like adding patches to jackets, distressing their jeans just so, or by cutting their own raw hems. That make-it-your-own philosophy definitely extends to the top —see how Jonathan utilized the Cut + Sew Room to give his unique Trucker jacket a flavor all its own.

Jonathan’s one-of-a-kind piece combines two of the brand’s most celebrated accomplishments – the Levi’s® Trucker, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, and Orange Tab, which was just remastered for a 2017 Spring Collection.

The featured jacket, a recreated vintage Levi’s® Orange Tab, was cut and sewn at Eureka. In the video, Jonathan describes the design details — buttons, pockets, and a graphic customization —that set it subtly apart from the brand’s iconic, classic Truckers.

While the Eureka doors are not open to the public, those interested can now explore the lab digitally via the Eureka Innovation Lab 360° Experience, an interactive behind-the-scenes view that takes you through various aspects of the space like the Cut + Sew Room. Explore it now at