DIY Upcycling: Kid-Friendly Crafts Made From Denim

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September 11, 2015

Now that school’s in session, maximizing weekend fun is all the more important. How about spending a crafternoon with the kids? Research suggests that crafting with kids can have social, cognitive, and emotional benefits.

These eco-friendly crafts are a great way for kids to express their creativity, release a little back-to-school stress and give their outgrown Levi’s® jeans and jackets a second lease on life. So gather up the young ones (or the young-at-heart), get some snacks and denim-strate your skills by upcycling those outgrown jeans into something fun.

Woven Place Settings

Kids of all ages will enjoy this simple weaving project. Older children can also help create a loom and may enjoy incorporating various shades of denim to create patterns in their projects. Cut out some denim squares for napkins and jean jacket cuffs for napkin rings, and voila, you have an entirely upcycled place setting for future tea parties! (Via Green Issues by Agy)

Pant Leg Aprons

This activity requires a sewing machine, so if you don’t think your kids are quite ready for the challenge, create the aprons ahead of time for kids to decorate. For future arts or cooking projects, kids can wear the aprons and keep their new jeans splatter-free. (Via Happy Hooligans)

Party Pennant

Allow kids to lend a hand in making party decorations or bedroom decor with a DIY denim banner. Offer up a variety of markers, stamps, paints, felt or stickers so kids put their own unique spin on their flags and create a one-of-a-kind keepsake. (Via Denim Do Over)

Reusable Lunch Bag

Old jeans can make a great repurposed and reusable lunch bag. Create stamps by dipping a halved apple into paint, or carving shapes (safely!) into a cut potato. (Via Inner Child Fun)

Pocket Purse

Take advantage of old jeans pockets to create pocket purses. Kids can personalize the bags with buttons, beads, glitter or paint and use them to store all those can’t lose treasures. (Via Frugal Living)

Dog Toy

Have kids tie together denim strips to create washable and tug-able dog toys! Or, for more ambitious dog owners, go wild and make Snuggles a new denim vest. (Via Instructables)

Hot House Flowers

Break out the hot glue gun to make blooming denim flowers. Help kids grow entire bouquets to pin to their clothes, decorate bedrooms, or even a new lunchbox. (Via Miss Party)

Bedazzled Bracelets

Kids can watch and learn from a YouTube video of a fellow young upcycler fashioning bracelets out of jean seams. She and her friends make bendy denim bracelets and add beads for decoration. (Via Mich L. in L.A.)

Need some new kids clothing to go with all of their new denim craft accessories? Check out Levi’s Kids for the latest in kids denim styles.

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