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5 Ways to Trash Talk Like a Pro on Game Day

Levi Strauss & Co.
September 17, 2014

You have all the gear to represent your team — the hat, the jersey, the Dockers® Game Day khakis (the collection is currently available for 44 schools across the country). You’ve even memorized the fight song and can sing it in perfect pitch. But what separates the winners from the losers on game day can come down to a few simple words.

That’s right, we’re talking trash talk. Commonly known as hooting, hollering and riffing on the opposing team. Getting it right is no small feat. It takes courage, dedication, and plenty of practice.

Below, some words of wisdom from the Unzipped team on how to make the most of your trash-talking session, exemplified by some of our Dockers Game Day schools most famous fighting words.

After you’ve perfected your trash-talking repertoire, stop by a Dockers station (they’ll be at the Cal vs. Oregon game at Levi’s Stadium October 24, and at select Game Day campuses throughout the season) for a serious pre-game pump-up session. The Game Day Gram selfie booth features an animated pair of talking Game Day khakis that will spout your best smack talk. Die-hard SEC devotees and the Pac-12 obsessed alike better brush up on team lingo, slogans and strategy.

1. Intimidate the other side with obscure phrases, not easily understood

Many schools have their own unique and obscure slogans. Take Georgetown’s “Hoya Saxa,” a combo of Greek and Latin words commonly translated to “What rocks!” The phrase may refer to early Georgetown teams named the Stonewalls, or an early stonewall surrounding the Georgetown campus — nobody knows. And you can bet that if the cheering team doesn’t even know what it means, neither will the opponents.

2. Rhyme…even if it’s a stretch

Of course, when you think of University of Alabama, you think “Roll Tide.” But the famous words “Rammer Jammer Yellowhammer,” were joined together not only because they refer to the school’s 1920s student newspaper and Alabama’s state bird, but also because they are some of the only words that rhyme — albeit only if you speak Southern — with Alabama. 

3. Don’t be afraid to riff on the other team’s mascot and slogan

Texas A & M’s famous slogan, “Gig ‘Em Aggies” began at a 1930s midnight yell practice. The team, already nicknamed the “Aggies” because of the school’s agricultural roots, was slated to play the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs. Pinky Downs, a 1906 graduate, asked the crowd, “What are we going to do to those Horned Frogs?” He answered his own question — using a vicious frog-hunting term in his response — “Gig ‘Em Aggies!” while giving a thumbs up. The phrase — and the gesture — both stuck.

4. Honor your geographic heritage

Like many cheers, “Boomer Sooner,” the University of Oklahoma’s fight song, has a meaningful historical reference. Written in 1905, the song’s words refer to the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889. “Sooners” were those who illegally settled early on the land, while “boomers” lobbied for the unassigned lands to be opened. And aside from their intimidating “Tiger Bait” motto they are so known for, Louisiana State University students continually riff on their French/Cajun heritage, with a unique spelling of “Geaux Tigers,” and a tendency to apply the spelling “eaux” to other words and names ending with the sound “oh.”

5. Even the most obvious choice can be intimidating, depending on delivery

Get ready for some Dockers Game Day animated gifs! In light of Clemson’s “Tiger Rag,” a famous fighting song that involves clapping, fist-pumping and clockwise arm circling before students spell out C-L-E-M-S-O-N, and the feared University of Florida’s Gator chomp, which originated in 1981 and is often accompanied by the JAWS theme, consider yourself lucky that our Game Day Dockers allow for comfort and a wide range of motion — so you can showcase your killer game day moves to the world.

Think your school is the best? Show the world by creating a Game Day Gram on, then share it using hashtag #GameDayDockers.