Store and Consumer Safety


Going Above & Beyond for Store and Consumer Safety

Unzipped Staff
Levi Strauss & Co.
April 26, 2021

Just two weeks after being promoted from stylist to supervisor, Patrick Jackson learned he would need to be the sole in-person manager at the Levi’s® store he worked at for a few weeks to abide by COVID-19 safety protocols.

Patrick, who works at our West Edmonton, Canada, store location, stepped up to the challenge. He extended his shifts and got to the store at different times — even though he doesn’t drive — to arrange for cleanings to keep store staff and consumers safe. He also leaned on help from management at our other outlet stores in the area to make sure the store operations kept running smoothly.

“Patrick is so passionate about our brand and really personifies what Levi’s® is all about,” his manager, Kelly Perl, said. “When we needed him, he just threw himself in. He accepted that he’d make some mistakes but pushed himself out of his comfort zone anyway.”

Most important, however, was what Patrick did for the team. Even though half of the store staff was at home due to staggered schedules, Patrick was able to keep the entire team’s morale up and instill pride and excitement in everyone during a challenging time. He sat down with each stylist at the store to check in and see how they were holding up.

Patrick also made sure that the employees at home were still involved in the business by setting up a Facebook messenger group to share success stories. He even created a fashion show and posted it so that the remote team members could see the new products coming in.

“I like to say that retail ends up being birth by fire,” Kelly said. “This was Patrick’s birth by fire moment, and now he’s a phoenix.”