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India brings Levi’s® on Wheels to Consumers

Rachel Lim, LS&Co. Asia
Levi Strauss & Co.
July 28, 2020

With a lockdown imposed in much of India as the country works hard to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, most residents have had to work at home. This has led to an increased demand for apparel suitable for those remote calls. But with most consumers staying indoors, the team in India had to figure out a creative way to connect with our fans and get them the apparel they want to complement their new work-from-home reality.

The team’s solution? Bring our Levi’s® stores to our consumers.

Introducing Levi’s® on Wheels.

To create a seamless shopping experience for our fans, Levi’s® has rolled out — literally — stores on wheels in New Delhi and Gurgaon, parking them at upmarket residential areas to serve their needs. The mobile stores carry a work-from-home collection of Levi’s® products featuring tops, shorts, and lightweight, comfortable denim — perfect for remote workers.

Levi's India

“Levi’s® on Wheels is an innovative and fun way for us to reach our fans,” said Nirmalya Sengupta, regional head for retail, North India. “These are challenging times for many people in our country and this model has created an opportunity for us to delight our consumers with a fresh collection to help them work from home without compromising on style.

Consumers can easily shop Levi’s® on Wheels and then return home quickly, minimizing outside exposure and maintaining their health and safety. With safety guidelines in place, such as safe distancing measures, sanitizers and mandatory temperature check for employees and consumers, shoppers can be assured that their health and safety are looked after.

The Levi’s® on Wheels concept is an innovative example of how the brand is responding to consumers’ buying habits in the face of a pandemic and meeting consumer expectations of brands they patronize. It has also proven to be a big hit in the Indian market. “It’s great to see the smiles on our consumers when they find something they love,” Nirmalya said.