New Levi‘s® Ad Celebrates Voting Rituals Around the World

Levi Strauss & Co.
September 25, 2018

Levi’s® jeans have been worn for decades by rebels and rabble-rousers around the world. We’re proud of that heritage and today we’re calling on you – renegades and rule-followers alike – to raise your voice and join us in an act that has the potential to be revolutionary: Voting.

To get the message out, the Levi’s® brand has launched a comprehensive VOTE campaign spanning TV, digital, social, limited-edition product, non-profit partnerships and influencer and employee engagement. It kicked off with a new national television campaign this week showcasing people around the world who are casting their ballots and making sure their voices are heard. The ad spot is set to “Think” by the late Aretha Franklin – a legendary icon of the music scene who often used her own powerful voice to advocate for social justice.

“Levi’s is all about authentic self-expression. And there is no purer form of self-expression than voting. It is the ultimate use of one’s voice, one’s freedom. And we felt it was imperative to remind Americans this fall to use that right, to not ever take it for granted,” said Jen Sey, chief marketing officer for Global Brands at Levi Strauss & Co.

The new TV spot builds on the successful “Circles” campaign that launched last year and was widely praised for its message celebrating the spirit of unity and inclusivity around the globe.

LS&Co. has a long history of advocating for the social issues that define our times – and with the pivotal midterm elections just around the corner, we’ve harnessed the power of our brand’s voice to encourage voter turnout on Election Day. The Levi’s® brand has teamed up with Rock the Vote to help potential voters get registered online or in select Levi’s® stores, and is selling a limited-edition T-shirt with “VOTE” emblazoned across the front.

The company is also working to empower employees to get involved, get registered and vote – and is pledging to give them paid time off to cast their ballots on Election Day.

We‘ll be featuring stories about our voter engagement efforts here at LS&Co. all week. Check back to learn more about how we‘re encouraging everyone – from employees to consumers – to get informed, get involved and get out to vote!