Levi’s® Employees Show Off Their Style

Levi Strauss & Co.
August 8, 2018

Denim is for everybody. Since personal style is at the core of everything we do, we love seeing different ways people live in Levi’s®.

This time, we turned the camera to a few Levi’s® employees in our own backyard. These six people from our San Francisco headquarters show us how they dress and tell us about what makes them look and feel their best. Here’s how they define their style.





“I go for an effortless look. I really like a monochrome closet so that everything goes with my jeans, which are alway Levi’s®. To help elevate my outfit, I add on designer accessories and shoes. It makes you look like you’re working a lot harder than you are.”

–Brianna, marketing

Mile High Super Skinny






“I really love sneakers. When I’m building an outfit, I start with the shoes and work my way up, so I’d say my style is sporty-chic. You can wear girlier clothes with sneakers, but I’m into t-shirts, basics and jeans. I like denim that has stretch — but doesn’t look like it has a ton of stretch. I also like for them to look lived-in with a little distressing or some sort of character.”

–Amber, styling

Wedgie Straight





“I try to keep it as simple as possible: neutral colors and small logos. I get cues from different people I meet, especially my coworkers. Take one thing, take the other, mix it all up and wear it.”

–Nick, information technology

Trucker Jacket
Barstow Western Shirt
512 Slim Taper









“I tend to stay somewhat classic, incorporating vintage pieces my mom has passed down to me along with

more ‘trendy’ pieces. My go-to uniform is a vintage rocker tee and an oversized denim jacket with my Levi’s® jeans.”

–Tess, marketing

Trucker Jacket
501® Skinny




“Nowadays, I wear slightly oversized 501® jeans, and I cut them short. Also, the shirts or jackets I’m wearing now are one or two sizes oversized. It’s a little more street style.”

–Takumi, apparel design

Western Shirt
501® Original