Levi’s® – A True ‘Patriotic’ Brand

Levi Strauss & Co.
July 3, 2017

Looking to celebrate this July 4th weekend in true style? Bust out the stars, stripes and Levi’s®.

After all, our jeans are as recognized across the globe as much for what they represent as they are for their look and feel – true Americana.

But that’s not just our take. Once again, our brand has made the list of America’s Most Patriotic brands, ranking only second to Jeep, based on this year’s list from Brand Keys. The research group studies loyalty and engagement among America’s most iconic brands.

It’s no surprise we’ve been a mainstay on the top of the list since Brand Keys first started the annual survey 15 years ago. Our founder Levi Strauss, and Jacob Davis, revolutionized fashion when they created and patented the first pair of blue jeans in late 1800s. And for every generation since, Levi’s® has been part of the fabric of America.

While attitudes and conversations have shifted around the topic of “patriotism” in the wake of today’s political climate, Levi’s® jeans haven’t lost relevance among those who value the brand’s place in American culture. As Brand Keys founder and president Robert recently stated, “brands that can make meaningful emotional connections with the consumer always have a strategic advantage when it comes to the battle for the hearts, minds, and loyalty of consumers.”

Levi’s® not only celebrates America yesterday, today, and always, but it has the authenticity to back its impact. So happy 241st birthday, USA! Those blues still look great on you for the last 100-plus years and counting…