Give Back to Earth, Take Back Those Clothes

Levi Strauss & Co.
April 22, 2016

Your old could be somebody’s new.
This Earth Day, do the planet a favor and keep your used clothes out of landfills by redirecting them into someone else’s closet. Thanks to Goodwill® (with support from retailers like Levi Strauss & Co.), it’s easier than ever to donate the clothes that no longer fit or have found the way to the back of your closet.
The Give Back Box® tool provides a convenient method of donating used clothes to Goodwill. Goodwill sells the donated goods in stores and online, and uses the money raised to help fund skills-building, community-based programs, job training and employment placement services for people with disabilities and other disadvantages.
“The average American household has $7,000 of unused and unwanted items. The simple act of donating not only protects the environment, but it also helps to fund critical job training services,” said Jim Gibbons, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries International. “When you donate to Goodwill via the Give Back Box platform, you help to strengthen families and your community at the same time.”
To donate, simply print a free shipping label available via and, fill a box, such as those from and orders, with any brand of clean, dry clothing or shoes, affix the label and ship as usual. Donations will be sent to the nearest participating Goodwill location. What’s more, it’s free to ship!
As an added incentive to do your part, ship a box using one of our shipping labels and you’ll get 25 percent off and free shipping on your next purchase.
Since November 2015, visitors to and have diverted a whopping 6,363 pounds of clothing waste using the Give Back Box tool. Even better, the profits made from all that donated clothing has translated to 9,207 hours of job training provided by Goodwill to those in need.
Give Back is part of LS&Co’s larger goal to establish an infrastructure that supports closed loop products — something we’re aiming to achieve by 2020. Our vision is to recycle your old clothing into new products. By doing this, we’ll reduce the impact of cotton agriculture by harvesting cotton from people’s closets that would otherwise end up as landfill.
Through efforts like these, we’ll help divert some of the 24 billion pounds of clothing, shoes and textiles Americans add to landfills every year.
Remember, every little bit helps others. And the Earth.