We Are 501®

Levi Strauss & Co.
April 8, 2016

This spring is all about the 501® jean, a blank canvas of expression since 1873.
And as the creator of the entire category, Levi Strauss & Co. has the authenticity and credibility to tell the stories of how fans make their jeans their own — from one original to another.
That’s the heart of Levi’s® We Are 501® campaign. It’s about denim authority and connecting the brand with the people who wear it — and, more importantly, live in it.
“The 501® jean is one of the most timeless items of clothing,” said Levi’s® Chief Marketing Officer Jen Sey. “Although it has been a constant in wardrobes for more than 140 years, it’s always different depending on who’s wearing it. We Are 501® celebrates how people — whether influencers, employees or fans — live in their Levi’s® as only they can.”
In addition to gorgeous imagery and video featuring friends of the brand and artists like French music producer, writer and model Caroline de Maigret , American DJ duo Classixx, and Chinese multimedia artist Yi Zhou, employees are also getting in on the action. After all, who better knows how to make Levi’s® look amazing than the people who live and breathe the brand every day?
Here are just a few of LS&Co.’s own discussing how they live in these legendary Levi’s®:
Matt Barnes, Merchant
Describe your ultimate pair of jeans in three words.
Authentic. Slim. Tapered.
Jen Sharkey, Finish Developing Technician
Levis-We-Are-501_Jen_heroWhat do your jeans reveal about the way you live?
That I’m an artist – they are all splashed with dyes or paints or customized.
That I am active – my job and lifestyle don’t involve much sitting. Every whisker and wear pattern shows that.
Paul Dillinger, Designer
Levis-We-Are-501_Paul_heroHow do you approach personal style?
I find clothes that make me feel comfortable and confident… and I wear them over and over and over. It ends up becoming a uniform, but it makes getting dressed in the morning really easy.
Expect to see the 501® family front-and-center in Levi’s® retail stores this spring, and on a global level, spanning digital and social platforms, TV, cinema and print, aiming to engage and activate people through real-life and virtual events, as well as mobile and in-store experiences.
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