Host A Clothing Swap in 6 Easy Steps

Levi Strauss & Co.
March 15, 2016

Want to put a fun spin on spring cleaning? A clothing swap party is the perfect way to clean out your closet, spruce up your wardrobe and help the earth all at the same time. Invite friends and family to join by bringing any unwanted pieces to trade and exchange with friends. Discovering gently worn gems and contributing to the circular economy is a win-win.
Research shows that women’s clothing is only worn seven times before it’s removed from their wardrobe rotation. Swapping clothes with friends is just one way to help put an end to this wasteful trend.
Do your part to help preserve the planet by partying with a purpose!
Get the swapping started by following these simple steps:
Explain the rules in the invitation.
Ensure that guests know the swapping process before attending the party. Be clear about the items that you’re looking to trade. For example, ask guests to only bring clothing that’s suitable for the season. This prevents inventory overload.
Take inventory of your closet.
Prior to the recycling shindig, take the time to assess your wardrobe. If you find a garment(s) that you were saving for a special occasion, but still haven’t worn in over a year, add it to the swapping pile. Even if you have worn the items, but they’re still in good condition, they’re fair game for the swap.
Freshly launder all items.
Before adding your unwanted items to the swapping pile, be sure to properly wash (with a non-scented detergent) and dry them for their new owner. Remember, freshly laundered clothing is not just a courtesy, but it’s also sanitary. Also, make note of this request on the invitation so that guests will do the same.
Neatly display the clothing.
Find rolling garment racks or use a curtain rod or string a clothesline to neatly hang your items. Showcasing them in an organized manner makes it easier for guests to sift through, making the shopping experience more enjoyable.
Set the Atmosphere
Designate an area for trying clothes on by creating a changing room or private space. Be sure to have a full-length mirror securely displayed at the swap party so guests can see how their potential finds fit. Also, serve light fare and refreshments to help satiate those swapping-induced appetites!
Don’t forget to accessorize.
No outfit is complete without eye-catching accessories. Assess your jewelry box to possibly uncover costume jewels that you no longer wear. Who knows? Your old trinkets and baubles just might be a guest’s newfound treasure!
BONUS: Donate remaining items.
In case some of the swapping swag was unable to find a new home, don’t fret. Pack up the remaining pieces and donate them to your local Goodwill, or drop them off at a local Levi’s ® store. You’ll be helping someone in need and contributing to the circular economy, in turn helping us all! 

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