10 Reasons Your Levi’s Are a Music Festival Must-Wear

Levi Strauss & Co.
April 8, 2015

The sun is hot, the music is loud and the style is carefree. This can only mean one thing: it’s officially music festival season. With the festival-fashion kingpin — Coachella — starting this weekend, it’s time to kick your festival outfit-plotting efforts into high gear.

The good news? Even if flower crowns and fringe aren’t your everyday go-to’s, you probably already own at least one festival wear essential: a broken-in pair of Levi’s® jeans. Here are 10 reasons why they’re a must-have part of your festival style lineup:

  1. Denim Is The Cloth Of Rock ‘n’ Roll
    And country…and punk…and metal. From Woodstock up to today’s festivals, denim has always embodied generations’ subversive rebellion and forward-thinking philosophies. You could say the same about the music.
  1. Pockets, Pockets, Pockets
    How does one master the seemingly impossible task of keeping track of keys, cell phone, wallet, tickets, program, sunscreen, etc., all while staying mobile enough to dash from stage to stage and dance up a storm? Pockets, of course. Ours have a whopping five of them, ensuring a hands-free day of fun.
  1. No Washing Machine? No Problem
    Laundry is the last thing you want to think about when enjoying a fun-filled festival weekend. We’re hoping you’ve already taken our Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) Pledge to cut back on your washing this month (if not, what are you waiting for?). So, go, live it up and don’t be afraid to get your jeans a little dirty while you do — it’s better for the planet. Wearing jeans 10 times before washing can reduce climate change impacts by 77%.
  1. You’ll Be Ready For Those Paparazzi
    Your glow stick is cracked, you’ve got a flower crown on your head, and that brand new henna tattoo is perfectly peeking out from under your crochet crop top. But no festival clothing style would be complete without a pair of distressed Levi’s jeans. They’re so on-trend you’ll have the photogs begging for pic after pic. Blogosphere, here we come!
  1. Travel Light, Share A Pair
    It’s all about versatility. Unisex fashion is having a major moment, and everyone you’re camping with — ladies and lads alike — will surely want to borrow your 501® jeans over the weekend. That’s an efficient packing strategy if ever there was one.
  1. Just Breathe
    Cotton’s natural fibers offer ultimate breathability during warm weather, but still keep you toasty when temps drop come nighttime. Mercury skyrocketing? Drench your Levi’s jeans in cold water — they’ll hold on to the cool moisture more than any synthetic fabric ever could.
  1. The Potential For Transformation
    The Coachella forecast calls for warm, sunny days. To keep cool and comfortable, you gotta do what you gotta do. Don’t hesitate to snip those full-length Levi’s jeans into a stylish pair of cut-offs (or let us do the work for you). Denim cut-offs will keep you cool and comfortable, not to mention, they give you the freedom to flail your legs every which way without fear of flashing.
  1. You Can Rough It Up
    During the high-energy weekend, you’ll put your party pants through the ringer by running around, sitting on pavement, rolling on grass, and, of course, dancing. Levi’s jeans have the tough durability to hold up to a weekend of such debauchery. And there’s something to be said for knowing you earned that lived-in look the old-fashioned way.
  1. A Blank Canvas For Festival Flair
    Nothing lends itself to customization and personalization quite like denim. Any buttons, embroidery, or patches that you might collect during the weekend will make the perfect accents to your jeans. How ‘bout carrying a Sharpie in your back pocket and asking your favorite musicians to sign your jeans, or letting friends and street artists turn your trousers into a walking art installation?
  1. Dressing Like The Stars
    Musicians have long lived in their Levi’s on — and off — the stage. No doubt you’ll see some of our favorite artists sporting denim along on the festival circuit — we’re talking about Haim, Twin Shadow, The Vaccines, and many more. Sport some Levi’s of your own, and you’ll be just as ready to rock as they are.


Feature photo credit: Jason Persse via FlickrCC