Dancing In Jeans: The Definitive Denim Playlist

Levi Strauss & Co.
February 6, 2015

This Sunday marks the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. Here at LS&Co., we can’t wait to see which melodic greats take home the coveted gold statuettes and wouldn’t miss the star-studded performances. And while the “What are they wearing?” banter that comes along with awards season doesn’t often revolve around blue jeans—denim will always hold an uncontested place on music’s biggest night.

For one, jeans have made some unforgettable appearances at awards shows in the past. Who could forget Brittany and Justin’s head-to-toe denim style at the 2001 American Music Awards? Or Riff Raff and Katy Perry’s reinterpretation of the attention-grabbing ensemble at the 2014 VMAs? But denim’s presence at the Grammys goes beyond the red carpet. Blue jeans and music have a long and loving history together.

Because of their versatility, jeans transcend genre, remaining relevant regardless of changing musical tastes. Countless Grammy winners and nominees throughout history have lived in their Levi’s—from backwoods bluegrass pickers to skinny-clad punk rockers, country cowboys to stonewashed pop divas, doo-woppers in dad jeans to metal headbangers in shredded low-riders.

Just this week, Fashionista declared the recent music video released by Rihanna, Kanye, and Paul McCartney (all seasoned Grammy winners) to “look like a denim ad.” Musical styles may have evolved, but the cloth—not, as Led Zeppelin insisted, the song—remains the same.

Since artists sing about what they know, jeans have made their way into countless song lyrics as well.

In honor of Sunday’s show, Unzipped put together a definitive denim playlist that captures the incredible breadth of musical styles that jeans have been a part of.

Admittedly, a few of our selections were chosen looking through indigo-colored-glasses. Could Bob Dylan’s have possibly conceptualized “Tangled Up In Blue” as he tried to step out of his tattered Levi’s one day? Did Billie Jean earn her title because of the jaw-dropping cut-offs she wore? We can only wonder.

And until Sunday, when we’ll finally find out whether it will be the year of Beck or the year of Beyoncé, this eclectic jean-themed mix will satiate the craving for good tunes combined with great style. Suit up—in your Levi’s of course—listen up, and dance like no one’s watching.