#Denimheads: Instagram Follows for a Denim-Drenched Feed

Levi Strauss & Co.
February 14, 2014

Whether we’re waiting in line or riding public transit, nothing quite hits the spot like a well-curated Instagram feed. And here at LS&Co., that includes all things blue jean.

As part of our ongoing series listing the best digital destinations for jeans-lovers, we scoured Instagram to bring you the most must-follow mobile photographers out there. Classic workwear jeans, raw selvedge denim, vintage blue jeans and Parisian denim connoisseurs—if you’re as obsessed with jeans as we are, we suggest adding these handles to your feed for a serious dose of indigo wherever you are. And while you may see a competitor or two featured on a feed, everyone knows who invented not only the category, but the blue jean itself. And everyone knows who still leads it.

Cory Piehowicz takes inspiration from old crime scene photographs and antique images of workers. The untouched, sometimes gritty nature of these images is recreated on his feed. Self-portraits and snapshots from his photo shoots combine a mystical quality with an edgy masculinity, and reveal Piehowicz’s obsession with the details of classic workwear and its context in its environment.

@rudy_workingmansblues provides both story and soundtrack, combining the Amsterdam-based photographer’s love for music with his love for limited-edition vintage denim pieces and modern jeans. Daily denim ensembles are interspersed with images of records and musician’s portraits, from Johnny Cash singing Folsom Prison Blues to the record cover of Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue. It’s the blues with the blues, if you will.

You won’t need an added reason to follow this fashionable feed, which is the Instagram extension of the popular Facebook group. SQS has a knack for scouting and posting about the most current of American-made, workwear-inspired goods. But, if you did, their feed is also packed with giveaways, #MadeInAmericaMondays and a multitude of opportunities to celebrate denim done right.

@Ewingdrygoods focuses on modern workwear styles from contemporary brands. Curated by a family man hailing from the last frontier, the feed features pictures peppered with images of the photographer’s two adorable daughters and the stunning Alaskan countryside. And, to top it off, he crafts a line of durable and timeless leather goods on the side, so you’ll also see a range of accessories that are easy to pair with your blues.

Jacques Grosz posts straight from fashionable Paris, where he serves as the manager of the vintage denim department at the trendsetting boutique Kiliwatch. With images ranging from his stylish customers, to graffiti and motorcycles, to selfies of the stylish Jacques himself, his photos give a window into a world that is at once playful and urban, vintage and modern.

Rather than style each piece or depict the garment within the context of its environment, @Denimhunters celebrates jeans as objects in their own right. Fans send in pics of their favorite pairs, and the stories they tell. The collected photos celebrate the faded, the frayed, the crinkled, the worn, the torn, the lived in and the loved.

Before Svante Nybyggars was a denim devotee, he was a workaholic with a closet full of suits. Nybyggars renounced both his wardrobe and his work life and now embraces what he calls an “urban hippie mentality,” aging with style and living holistically in Malmoe, Sweden. His feed showcases colorful images of his food—he loves carrots—his friends, and the perfect comfortable and sustainable uniform for his carefree lifestyle: vintage denim and rugged workwear.

@rawrdenim focuses on raw, untreated denim, discovering and reviewing the top jeans from around the world. Their feed showcases technical construction details of cutting edge modern jeans, and their #fadefridays reveal a solid appreciation of aging denim and classic construction.

Of course, we’re biased, but @Levis is a great place to keep tabs on denim. The brand keeps its feed filled with images from the Levi Strauss & Co. archives, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks from recent shoots and submissions from fans.