Red Tab Foundation’s 2022 Impact Report

Ella Clausen, Unzipped Staff
Levi Strauss & Co.
September 27, 2022

In the last year, the Red Tab Foundation (RTF) helped 1,880 LS&Co. employees and retirees through their hardships.

That’s 1,880:

… big sighs of relief

… happy dances

… cries of joy.

RTF is launching its fiscal year Impact Report and announcing that it granted $2.2 million in support to the LS&Co. community for hardships both big and small, as they responded to more than double pre-pandemic levels of need. While major crises may come and go, the simple everyday hardships that can happen to any of us will persist. Thanks to the generosity of employees, so will this safety net. Over the past 41 years, this community-funded organization has served as a key resource in times of need, granting $28.7 million to ensuring that the basic needs of the LS&Co. community are met at all levels, from the manufacturing floor to corporate offices.

Among their grantees is Inna Kazakova, a stylist at the Levi’s® Wroclaw Outlet in Poland. When the war broke out in Ukraine, both of Inna’s parents lost their jobs and she found herself supporting them on her LS&Co. income. Soon after, her manager told her about RTF and encouraged her to apply for support.

“The money I sent my father helped him buy much needed medicines for my family, including my grandmother, in a city now under occupation. Part also went to buy a cheap car, as she travels to help people in the occupied territories. As for my mother, when she left Ukraine, she took nothing but the cat and some documents. My grant also helped purchase her clothes, shoes and everything she needed to get settled with me in Poland,” Inna told us. One of the most important elements of RTF’s work is that, so often, this assistance is used to bolster not just individuals but entire communities.

Inna’s experience is a true example of how RTF can be used to respond to almost any crisis of the day. The foundation is a confidential place to ask for help and offers cash grants to LS&Co. employees, retirees and their immediate families facing financial hardships that put their basic needs at risk. RTF’s strength lies in how its giving is flexible, personal and most importantly, responsive.

These grants are funded in majority by employees, and last year, this community donated the most ever in their history — $2.1 million — every dollar of which helped deliver financial security to those who need it most.

Head to their 2022 Impact Report today to learn more about what RTF does and to hear from their grantees about the difference this community’s dollars made.