Supporting Mental Health at LS&Co.

Levi Strauss & Co.
August 10, 2022

Here at LS&Co., we believe it’s important to prioritize employee well-being and mental health because our people should never have to choose between taking care of themselves and their careers. In support of this, we’ve created a holistic approach to employee well-being and mental health that includes everything from benefits programs, to equipping managers and HR leaders with the tools to support their teams, to talking openly about our struggles and experiences.

Many years ago, Chief Human Resources Officer Tracy Layney went through the biggest mental health challenge of her career — she experienced severe burnout. She realized the only way she would be able to fully recover was to take a step back and prioritize her mental well-being, so she took a sabbatical at the risk of sacrificing potential career and financial growth.

“It was the best decision I could have made both for myself and my family. But it wasn’t an easy one,” Tracy said. “I share my story because it shouldn’t get to this point for our employees.”

Recently, Tracy sat down with Forbes to discuss her personal mental health journey, her advice for those struggling with burnout, and what a culture of empathy and support looks like at LS&Co. — from our partnerships with organizations like Thrive Global and Rally Wellness Coaching to our paid leave policies and bereavement leave programs.

Tracy often says the biggest mistake any company can make is to go back to the old ways of thinking and working. “We will have missed an incredible opportunity to make our workplaces stronger, healthier and more productive,” she said.

“As a result of my personal experience, I’m an evangelist for small investments in the things you do every day to prevent burnout. We have moments in our days, weeks and years designed for recharge, and we should take advantage of them.”