Finding the Right Size Online Gets a Little Easier

Mark Cazares, Unzipped Staff
Levi Strauss & Co.
May 3, 2022

Since the rise of online shopping, retailers have grappled with how to help consumers find the perfect size and fit. That challenge is still prevalent today with roughly 40% of all online returns stemming from size and fit issues.

At Levi Strauss & Co., we understand the limitations that exist with online shopping, and we’re constantly looking for new ways to evolve and transform the experience for our fans.

“One of our key innovation priorities is to enhance the online shopping journey and create truly personalized, seamless experiences for our consumers,” said Lara Lasisz, Direct-to-Consumer Innovation lead at LS&Co. “With online shopping, one of the biggest obstacles the industry faces is how to transfer the fitting room experience to a digital environment. We’re dedicated to finding the right technology that will help our fans find the perfect fit from the start.”

As a part of our broader strategy to address the online fit and sizing challenges, we’re excited to bring two new pilot capabilities to the Levi’s® website.

See It In My Size

Often, retailers’ product pages feature one model for each product, lacking a diverse preview of sizes and body types. With our new See It In My Size feature, Levi’s® fans are able to better relate to who is modeling our products through authentic and inclusive representation.

As fans look at a specific product, they will see a See It In My Size button. Once clicked, consumers select their size and an image of the garment will appear on a person more similar to their size, height, body shape and/or skin tone, cultivating a truly inclusive experience and giving the consumer a more accurate preview of the item.

Sizing 2

To gather all the necessary images, our team organized several initiatives with both employees and micro-influencers. Earlier this year, we launched a companywide contest asking employees across the globe to submit photos in specific Levi’s® products that would be featured on the website. The team also conducted photo shoots with micro-influencers across Northern California, the U.K. and Brussels as well as a pop-up in North Carolina, ensuring we get a robust photo library across a diverse range of sizes.

The See It In My Size pilot is available on the desktop now in the U.S. and will be available across Europe — including France, the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Spain — in the coming month.

What’s My Size?

We know sizes can vary slightly among different fits and styles, and finding the right size online can be a bit challenging. To help solve this, we’re thrilled to pilot What’s My Size?, a new sizing tool recommendation algorithm.

As consumers browse our products online and find the next Levi’s® piece to add to their cart, they’ll see the What’s My Size button. When clicked, the tool asks fans to add their height, weight, and gender, and from there, the algorithm will recommend the best size to select. After the consumers does this once, the recommendation will follow the consumer throughout their shopping journey and suggest the best size for each product being viewed.


What’s My Size is available on the desktop in six countries in Europe (France, Germany, the UK, Netherlands, Spain and Italy) and will be available on the U.S. mobile app in June 2022.