Levi’s® Assistant

Use Your Smart Speaker to Find Your Next Pair of Jeans

Levi Strauss & Co.
September 25, 2019

The Levi’s® brand is making it even easier to find your new favorite pair of jeans by bringing the shopping experience right to your home – introducing the new Levi’s® Assistant, available now on Google Home and Amazon Alexa.  

The new voice-enabled Levi’s® Assistant allows consumers to use their natural language to get answers to frequently asked questions, find the nearest store, get product recommendations, learn about current promotions, track orders, and review shipping and return policies. As smart speakers become more ubiquitous in people’s homes, we’re meeting consumers where they are and giving them new ways to engage with the brand.  

This is just one example of how we are using breakthroughs in natural language processing – the AI-powered technology used to help computers understand a human’s natural language – in order to improve the way we communicate with our consumers across a number of platforms. We’ve also relaunched Ask Indigo, our chatbot on Levi.com, as well as on Facebook Messenger, to be more responsive to people’s natural language, as well as identify when it’s time for a human customer service representative to step in. And because we are designing a truly seamless omnichannel experience, consumers will have the same experience, and be able to get the same information, regardless of whether they are using the Levi’s® Assistant on Amazon Alexa or our chatbot on Levi.com. 

“As technology advances, so do consumers expectations of where and how they can interact with their favorite brands in a meaningful way,” said Marc Rosen, Executive Vice President & President of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC). “By adding new digital communication tools and constantly improving existing ones, we’re staying ahead of the industry and evolving the consumer experience to be more engaging and fun.” 

Across our business, we are looking at ways to use AI to improve the consumer experience, encourage more interaction with our brands, and pilot new ways to shop for clothes. As one of the first global fashion companies to bring this technology to consumers, the launch of Levi’s® Assistant is another example of how we are investing in new technology to grow our direct-to-consumer business. Although voice-assisted shopping is still nascent, more consumers expect to be able to one day use their smart home technology to make purchases. 

We’ve been encouraged by our early results, and plan to expand this smarter, more conversational technology to new platforms and regions in the coming months. And while we’re still in the early stages of tapping the full potential of using AI to automate and improve the way we engage with consumers, we see this as one more step in driving toward a whole new future of retail.