Investing in the Well-Being of Our Employees

LS&Co. Human Resources
Levi Strauss & Co.
May 6, 2019

Early in his career, when NBA star Andre Iguodala felt he wasn’t performing his best on the court, he knew he had to up his game – his sleep game.

“I actually saw a sleep therapist, I had a sleep coach…and that kind of changed my life because that was the foundation,” said Iguodala during a wellness-themed keynote session at a recent Levi Strauss & Co. leadership summit. “Once I figured out how to sleep, then I changed my diet, then I changed how I work out.”

Now, with three NBA championships under his belt, the Golden State Warriors forward knows firsthand the impact that prioritizing well-being can have on your personal performance – and, in turn, how you show up for and perform with your team.

That’s why LS&Co. is stepping up efforts to emphasize employee and leader well-being and offer programs that support all who work here.

“We’re investing in well-being efforts that we believe will help us attract, retain and engage top talent and support our employees on their path of personal well-being,” said Jeni Anadon, director of health & well-being at LS&Co. 

Leading with well-being in mind

This increased investment in employee well-being is taking place across the company, around the globe and at all levels of the organization – starting at the top.

A this year’s Leadership Summit, several sessions integrated well-being experiences based on the premise that when leaders feel recharged and energized, they’ll be fired up to lead well-being efforts with their own teams.

“It’s all about being a leader of yourself,” said Donny Przygodski, LS&Co.’s head of global talent. “If we show up whole at the company, we’ll have a higher level of impact and engagement with our work, our employees and our teams. So, the better we’re showing up with ourselves, the better off this company’s going to be.”

Try these well-being bursts

Not sure how to squeeze well-being into your busy work schedule? Here are three small steps you can take to infuse wellness into your workday.

  • Keep your blood flowing – Pepper in stretches, standing or quick bursts of exercise throughout your workday. Even if just for a minute at a time.
  • Practice mindfulness – Give your brain a break. Meditating for only two minutes can lower your cortisol levels.
  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude — At the start of each day, write down 2-3 things you’re grateful for.