Setting the Record Straight

Levi Strauss & Co.
August 31, 2010

Whether you read it in a newspaper or get it from someone “in the know,” you never really know if you have the best information unless you get it from the source.

Otherwise, it’s like that game, “Telephone,” where one person tells another, who tells another and, in the end, the facts are lost.

With this in mind, we want to set the record straight regarding our position on the sourcing of fuel from the Canadian oil sands by our transportation contractors:

While Levi Strauss & Co. supports the development and use of clean and renewable fuel sources, we have not taken a position opposing or supporting any fuel or energy source from Canada, including any boycott of the Canadian oil sands.

Those are the facts.

As a company, Levi Strauss & Co. remains committed to environmental sustainability. We are working to improve our energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions across our business, including our transportation and logistics.

And when it comes to how our transportation contractors source their fuel, we expect them to demonstrate a similar commitment to environmental sustainability and emissions reduction. So, we’ve included this in our contracts with transportation providers, but how they achieve emissions reductions or where they source their fuel is entirely up to them.

You can read more about what we are doing to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions here.

There are a lot of opinions circulating about the Canadian oil sands, but we trust our position is now clear.